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VHS to Digital Converting Service

We offer a VHS to mp4 conversion service in the UK. The following services are also available
digitise tapes to USB or DVD
clean mouldy tapes
custom video editing
repair broken or damaged tapes

VHS to digital service

We can convert your analog VHS tapes into a digital format of your choice. Store the videos on your computer as an MP4, external hard drive, USB or multiple DVDs. At Tapes to Digital, we offer a premier VHS to digital conversion service that is fast, affordable and of the highest quality. We can transfer your VHS tapes to DVDs, USBs or digital files, and we can even edit and enhance the video quality along the way.


Do you find yourself asking "how to copy VHS to DVD using a computer?" in order to preserve your old home videos? If so, we can help.
Tapes to Digital is proud to offer a UK-wide VHS to DVD conversion service. Simply send in your tapes, and we will take care of the rest.

VHS to MP4:

Why should you convert your home tapes to MP4?

Converting your home tapes to digital offers plenty of benefits for ensuring your videos survive the test of time. With an MP4 file, you'll have a digital copy of your videos that can be played back on any number of devices - from computers and tablets to your mobile phone and smart TV.
Plus, you can easily share your digital videos with your family and friends, no matter where they are in the world.

Transferring from VHS to DVD - how we can help:

We’re able to help you convert VHS to DVD with our premier VHS to DVD service. With prices starting from just £9.50, your precious memories will be converted to digital format and placed onto a DVD disc for you to enjoy for years to come.
Our friendly team have the professional knowledge and expertise to transfer any of the following into digital format:

Our VHS to DVD service is professional, fast and easy. Get started now.

What We offer

Digital tapes
Digitize tapes
Convert tapes to USB or DVD
Convert tapes to USB or DVD
Clean mouldy tapes
Clean mouldy tapes
Convert broadcast tapes
Repair broken or damaged tapes
Repair broken or damaged tapes
Cloud storage
Cloud Storage
We offer the following digitising services

Audio cassette conversion to digital
Photo Scanning & Photo negative Scanning to digital
Broadcast Tapes (Betacam,MPEG MX, HDCAM, DVCAM) to digital
If you need a service not listed above, please get in touch with us via our Contact page.
Where Can I Get VHS Tapes Converted to DVD In London?
Tapes to Digital has multiple locations across the UK so you’re sure to find a convenient location near you. We convert any type of tape to USB starting from £9.50. To convert a tape to DVD costs an additional £4.
We clean mould from tapes
Mould on tapes doesn't always mean permanent damage. We clean mouldy tapes and convert them to digital with the price ranging between £13 and £20
We repair broken tapes
Are your tapes broken, outdated or have a broken shell? We repair all types of damaged tapes quickly and affordably. Prices start from £13 for a reqular service.
Convert your VHS to digital service TODAY
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