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Broadcast Tapes

A digital transfer service you can trust

As a business, if you have a stack of commericial broadcast tapes and want to re-purpose the content for marketing purposes, we can help!
We can convert your broadcast tapes into digital media affordably and quickly. You'll soon be able to view the tapes and share these easily with colleagues within your company.
Don't lose your company's history and important milestones to dust, deterioration or damage. We have professional equipment to convert all format types into USB or DVD.
Digital transfer services we offer
At tapes to Digital we can convert just about any type of media, from 8mm film and DVCam to 3/4 U-matic, broadcast tapes and digital Betacam. We'll transfer company memories and advertising material into your preferred media, whether that be DVD, MP4 or a USB.
Restore historic company material safely and securely
Expert team and professional equipment
Formats we work with
Tapes to Digital can convert the following media:

Betamax to Digital
3/4 U-matic to Digital
Betacam SP to Digital
DV cam to Digital
Betacam SX to Digital
DVC Pro to Digital
Digital Betacam tapes to Digital
HDCAM to Digital
Our happy customers

Can't complain at all friendly fast and competent service. This organisation appears to be a group of individuals handling the work in their back room, which is no surprise since VHS machines are basically all relics from eBay now. But the service is none the worse for it.


Helpful and prompt answers to my questions and very fast service which has enabled me to view VHS home videos from over 20 years ago. The tapes were cleaned of mold as well as digitised for me and now priceless family memories can be seen again. Fabulous.

Ready to convert your broadcast tapes to digital?