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We Convert VHS To DVD And More

Preserve your memories and save all your recorded special moments forever, we will convert your ageing tapes, VHS recordings and VCR tapes to DVD. Our tapes-to-digital transfer service is fast and affordable, beginning at just £9 per tape – we can rescue all your recorded memories, so you can enjoy them beyond the lifetime of obsolete technologies.

Tapes To Digital offers a variety of services to help you maintain and update your tape recordings. We are also a Beta to DVD transfer service, we copy tapes to DVD and we clean, repair and restore damaged tapes and recordings, at locations conveniently near you throughout the UK.

Looking for the most affordable service? Our PRICE GUARANTEE ensures we have lower prices than the competition, visit our Prices page or contact us directly to learn more.

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Keep Your Memories with New Technologies

Special memories should live forever, unfortunately technologies come and go. VCRs, VHS devices and magnetic tape players are disappearing and the technical expertise to repair or replace them is difficult to find. How do you maintain and preserve your most treasured moments recorded on outdated devices?

Tapes To Digital can convert VHS to DVD, or transfer any tape recording to digital format. We can save your wedding memories, recordings of children and family, special performances, meaningful events and much more. Convert VHS to DVD and you can share those memories with anyone, anywhere. Or simply preserve them to last decades to come.

Special Care to Transfer VHS to DVD

We know the importance that every one of your memories holds. Your tapes are priceless recordings that celebrate family and friends, contain special moments and preserve remarkable events.

At Tapes To Digital, we understand our mission begins with the extra care needed to ensure nothing is lost. Other companies that transfer VHS to DVD do not care for your tapes like we do: your order is precisely catalogued, carefully tracked, and managed with unique care. After your digital conversion or Beta to DVD transfer service is complete, you’ll never have to worry again about your precious memories being lost to changes in technology.

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Clean Your Tapes

Mould is a danger anywhere that moisture and heat combine. VHS tapes and tape recordings are susceptible to mould growth, especially in moist climates and if improperly stored. If you have tapes damaged by mould or environmental contamination, don’t throw away those tapes – Tapes To Digital can clean your tapes and restore them to perfect working order. We can clean away mould, moisture, dirt, dust and many other contaminants, without damaging your tapes or losing your memories.

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cleaning mouldy tapes for vhs conversion to digital is possible

Repair Video Tapes

Do you have a tape that is unplayable? We specialise in repairing damaged or broken Beta, VHS, magnetic and VCR tapes. We can mend snapped tapes or repair and replace tape components, including cassette shells, guard panels, reels, release levers and more. We can restore broken tapes to prefect function, so you don’t lose precious memories!

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Why Choose Tapes To Digital

We offer substantial advantages that will leave you very satisfied with our service:

  • Exceptional care for your originals

  • Complete list of formats and technologies

  • Knowledgeable team

  • Affordable pricing

We’re aware you have choices of companies that transfer VHS to DVD and we are excited to demonstrate the superior expertise and service that have made Tapes To Digital a preferred choice for customers to copy tapes to DVD.

Make the transition from VCR tapes to DVD today – Tapes To Digital can make it easy for you.

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