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We convert VHS tapes to digital across London

Need to convert your VHS tapes to digital media? We digitise tapes so you can watch them on your smart devices or share cherished memories with friends and family. Get videos in MP4,USB or DVD format for easy watching and sharing.
Tapes to Digital also clean mouldy tapes,convert broadcast tapes and repair broken or damaged tapes.

What We offer

Digitize tapes
Convert tapes to USB or DVD
Clean mouldy tapes
Convert broadcast tapes
Repair broken or damaged tapes
Cloud Storage
We offer the following digitising services

VHS to DVD to digital
Digital 8 tapes to digital
Audio cassette conversion to digital
Tapes to Mp4 to digital
Mini DV to digital
8mm, Super 8 tape conversions to digital
8mm tapes to digital
Betamax to digital
Hi8 tapes to digital
Photo Scanning & Photo negative Scanning to digital
Broadcast Tapes (Betacam,MPEG MX, HDCAM, DVCAM) to digital
If you need a service not listed above, please get in touch with us via our Contact page.
Where Can I Get VHS Tapes Converted to DVD In London?
Tapes to Digital has multiple locations across the UK so you’re sure to find a convenient location near you. We convert any type of tape to USB starting from £7.50. To convert a tape to DVD costs an additional £3.
We clean mould from tapes
Mould on tapes doesn't always mean permanent damage. We clean mouldy tapes and convert them to digital with the price ranging between £13 and £20
We repair broken tapes
Are your tapes broken, outdated or have a broken shell? We repair all types of damaged tapes quickly and affordably. Prices start from £13 for a reqular service.
Convert your VHS to digital service TODAY
Call, email or send an inquiry through our contact forms for more information, to place an order or ask for a quote.
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