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Most customers find us by searching, “Where can I get VHS tapes converted to DVD?” You’ve found the answer – Tapes To Digital is a UK leader for VHS conversion service, tape repair, tape cleaning and more.

With our specialised and expert transfer VHS to DVD service, we preserve all your videos, every image and each magical moment. We understand the importance every memory holds, which is why we’re dedicated to outstanding customer service and personalised care for your order.

Here’s a closer look at what we can do for you.

Transfer VHS to DVD

We transfer your old cassettes from their original magnetic tape format to DVD or digital/MP4. You can keep new files on your computer, share to social media, store them on flash drives or USB sticks, or we can make as many DVD copies as you need. We are expert in a wide variety of video formats, including:

  • VHS and VHS-C

  • Betamax

  • 8mm cassettes

  • Hi8

  • miniDV

Customers prefer Tapes To Digital to convert VHS to DVD for our exceptional care, affordable prices and superior results. Try us and see for yourself!

Repair Tapes

Broken or damaged tapes do not mean you need to lose those memories. We can repair your broken tapes, including mending of snapped magnetic tape or replacement of broken shells or stuck reels. Tape repair is easier and more affordable than you think, contact us to ask how we can help ensure none of these moments are lost to time.

Clean Mould from Tapes

Ageing tapes are susceptible to mould growth, especially if they have been exposed to moisture or stored improperly. But mould doesn’t mean your tapes are lost. We can clean mould from magnetic tapes and restore them to working order. Don’t let mould ruin your memories, Tape To Digital can help you preserve these special memories.

Tapes To Digital was founded because it’s so difficult to find good UK companies that transfer VHS to DVD. You don’t want your tapes sent across the world and outsourced for service, you don’t want them lost or further damaged, and you don’t want poor image quality on your new digital files. We can assist you with affordable prices and excellent results for VHS to MP4 conversions, transfer of video to DVD, tape repairs and more.

repair and digitize VHS tapes services

services include: set up smart TV - digitize VHS tapes, provide IT support

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Please visit our Prices page to learn more about the cost of transferring VHS to DVD, cost of repairing tapes, cost of transferring tapes to digital, and the cost of cleaning mould from your ageing tapes. We look forward to helping you.

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