Pre-Visit Checklist

What You Need to Know Before You Digitize VHS Tapes

Thank you for choosing Tapes To Digital for your VHS to MP4 conversion and video tape cleaning and repair services. Unlike other companies that transfer VHS video to DVD service, your original materials are carefully logged, tracked and handled, to ensure your treasured memories are protected.

Your visit here probably began by searching “Where can I get VHS tapes converted to DVD?” That’s the first step – great Beta to DVD transfer service continues with a pre-visit checklist, to make our team aware of what you need and advise you of the cost of transferring VHS to DVD. Here’s what you can do before your visit:

Your Pre-Visit Checklist

  1. Please examine your VHS tape(s) for mould. Mould is indicated by small whites patches on the black magnetic tape. You can also inspect for excess dust or dirt. If mould or dust is present, you can find the price for cleaning on our Prices page.
  2. Is your VHS tape snapped, or is the tape damaged or torn? Please check our Prices page for the cost of mending or repairing snapped tape.
  3. Please label your tapes clearly, so we can ensure proper service and record keeping. You can typically use a coloured marker to write numbers directly on each tape or use small labels, e.g. if you have five tapes total, label the first “1”, the second “2”, the third “3” and so on. You may also include text for record keeping, e.g. “Harry’s graduation” or “Sara & Mark wedding” – when we copy tapes to DVD, this allows us to create appropriate titles for the new digital files. Titles have a limit of 20 characters and cannot be changed after we convert VHS to DVD.
  4. Please let us know the total physical number of tapes included in your order.
  5. For safety and best service, we prefer delivery of all tapes in an opaque container or bag. Your original tapes will be returned to you as delivered, with your new digital versions.

We appreciate the opportunity to answer your question, “Where can I get VHS tapes converted to DVD?” It’s our pleasure to provide outstanding VHS to MP4 format conversions that allow your memories to live on forever.

Convert VHS to DVD Questions?

We’re happy to help you, whether you have a question about service or want to know the cost of transferring VHS to DVD. Please visit our Contact Us page and fill in your information, one of our team will return to you as soon as possible. Whether you need a service to copy tapes to DVD, Beta to DVD transfer service, digitize VHS tapes or something else, Tapes To Digital is here to help you.