About Us

tape to DVD converterYour UK Leader for VHS Conversion Service

At its simplest, Tapes To Digital is dedicated to preserving outdated memories, or restoring ones that have been lost. We update precious memories stored on obsolete technologies and bring them back to life in the 21st century digital age. Those memories, previously trapped on tape, can now be easily and instantly shared with friends, family and audiences around the world, at the press of a button.

Tape to DVD conversion allows you to reconnect with the things and events that matter most to you and save them from being overlooked or lost to time.

Simple, Affordable Tape to DVD Service

Tapes To Digital began service in 2017 and our success has allowed us to expand to locations throughout the UK. We think you will appreciate our combination of attentive customer service, leading expertise and impressive results – UK customers trust us to save treasured memories using updated technologies.

Why Transfer VHS to DVD?

You want your memories preserved on video to last forever, however technology is always moving forward. Older technologies, including VHS, Beta and other magnetic tape processes, are already being left behind. These formats are no longer supported by manufacturers and finding competent repairs is difficult and expensive. When these technologies disappear, memories recorded using them can be lost.

Enter Tapes To Digital – tape to DVD conversion rescues these special moments and brings them back to life. Not only can you view old videos again and relieve some of the fondest and most important moments of your life, you can also easily share them using all of today’s technologies, including online and social media sites like YouTube and Facebook. You can send them to family and friends by email, DVD or flash drive.

Our transfer VHS to DVD service can reconnect you with wonderful moments from the past and allow them to live again in the 21st century!

Our Mission

Our mission begins with outstanding customer service. At Tapes To Digital, we invest extra care in tracking, converting and then returning your original media, to make certain nothing is lost. Other companies that offer transfer VHS to DVD services outsource your cassettes, sending them around the world and back. We are located in the UK and operate locally, to remove the risk of losing your videos during unnecessary transits.

We know you have many choices to transfer VHS to DVD and we think you will find our service exceptional in every way. We already have many very happy tape to DVD customers, we be honoured to help you, too.

If you have any questions about our VHS conversion service, tape repair, or service to copy tapes to DVD, please visit our Contact Us page and we will return to you as soon as possible.